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Love Languages


100 Day Project


Cultural Research






During the Masters in Branding program at SVA, we participated in a 100 day project assigned by Debbie Millman. This is a project inspired by Michael Beirut’s 100 Day Project and includes undertaking an individual brand, design or any creative operation that is repeated for 100 consecutive days. This daily project of conceptualizing, executing and documenting some task every day is aimed at learning to balance inspiration and discipline. Ultimately the body of work becomes a source of personal well being, sparking conversations and further inspirations.


The emotion of romantic love is very powerful but at the same time very confusing. It is a very personal emotion and makes people behave in certain inexplicable ways. Love is an emotion that is felt by everyone, no matter where they come from. But the expression of love is different in every culture. I set out on a journey of 100 days exploring love in one culture each day in an effort to decode love. I articulated unique expressions of romantic culture and visualized it in the form of a handmade paper card through cut out maps, doodles and the regional language script. The project is documented on Instagram. It was also featured in PRINT magazine in July 2022.

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