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Transforming Legendary to Contemporary



Strategic Positioning

Consumer Research

Trend Forecasting

Competition Audit

Cultural Analysis





Jawa is a legendary motorcycle brand born in Prague in the 1920s. The brand expanded its market and was exported to India. Jawa bikes had a reputation of being rugged, simple and unbreakable. Over the years, due to some policy changes, the bikes stopped being available in India.


The Mahindra Group is now in ownership of the Jawa brand and planned to revive it in the Indian market. Jawa needed a brand refresh to be relevant with the changed cultural environment, keeping in mind the brand’s residual image and with a view to connecting with consumers.

Consumer Research

We conducted interviews with consumers such as biking enthusiasts, Jawa fans, automotive professionals, competing bike owners, etc. From these conversations and research we derived that the role of a motorcycle in the life of a person changes with life stages. Jawa’s target group can be categorized into the pivotal age group of 24 - 28 years where consumers are taking decisive steps in creating their identity.


In this life stage, consumers are no longer insecure and have realized their full potential. They are their true selves, made their own way. In this age of innovation, the classic is the ageless. While seeking answers from the past, they are constantly documenting the present - creating an alchemy of memories.


We created a brand concept of ‘Authenticity Inside’ that balances the modern and pretentious with the real true self.


The brand concept guided the development of the brand launch activation and retail store design. The stores were based on the theme of a book cafe and told the story of the Jawa brand.

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