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Solving the Year 2032 Problem



Strategic Positioning

Consumer Research

Creative Brief





Most brands flourish, falter, and then die—making room for brands that are superior or more innovative. However, there are some brands that sustain their position in the marketplace despite shifts in social, economic and cultural conditions. Why do some brands manage to evolve with the times, while others fail? A fundamental understanding of the evolutionary phenomenon of culture is key to ensuring brands can maintain or improve their position in the marketplace. Their continuing success is contextual and dependent on myriad and sometimes mysterious factors.


Home Depot currently holds a place on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). However, it risks the potential of falling out of step with culture and will need to be revived. Through robust critical analysis, we forecasted trends, identified business and brand opportunities, and created product innovation frameworks needed to insure Home Depot can sustain and succeed today, and thrive in an uncertain future.

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